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We recommend to use WebMoney-authorization because it is more secure and does not require remember the password. If you have already registered in our service by Email and password, you can specify your WMID in a private area to use WebMoney-authorization to access your account.

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To consistent users:
You will get up to 50% discount from our profit!
Your discount will be growing with each transaction and following transactions will be more profitable.
You can make up a list of e-purses that you use in your private area. There will be a choice of previously entered purses each time you need to enter e-purse details.

Detailed description of benefits for registered users

To partners:
Due to our service, you will be able to earn money easily. All you have to do is to place partner link on your website and then, you will be getting up to 40% of our profit from every transaction made through your link and the following transactions made due to your link.

Detailed description of partnership program

WMR-бонус от сервиса
Чтобы получить бонус посетите 3 страницы сервиса, оставаясь на каждой минимум по 15 секунд.

Вы можете получить WebMoney-бонус 0.02-0.15 WMR один раз в сутки на один WMID с одного IP-адреса

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